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Marcus Antonius Corpuz Adoro (also known by his stage name Markus Highway) is a Filipino guitarist, author and singer who rose to fame as the lead guitarist of the Eraserheads.


In 1988, Marcus attended University of the Philippines Diliman where he enrolled as a Philosophy student. During his freshman year, he stayed at the Kalayaan Residence Hall with batchmates Buddy Zabala, a Library Science student and Raimund Marasigan, a Mass Comm student, who were also his bandmates on The Curfew.

Although Zabala has described Adoro as optimistic and a natural philosopher, Buendia rather describes him as a "wild and crazy guy", citing at least one incident where they were involved in a motorcycle accident inside the school campus.[1]


After leaving the Eraserheads, Adoro, an avid surfer, moved to La Union where he also formed his own band Surfernando and Markus Highway.


Adoro has cited musicians from the early 1900s such as Robert Johnson as his main influences.[2] As a solo artist, he describes his music as "organic" Pinoy rock—"a potpourri of local folk, pop, country, reggae and punk."[3]

Personal life[]

Soon after Buendia's departure and the rebranding of the band as Cambio, Adoro left the music scene and settled for a more peaceful life in La Union as a surfer. Playing in occasional gigs as a solo musician, he adopted the stage name Markus Highway. He is also the father of musician Syd Hartha Chua.


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