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Fruitcake is the fourth studio and only concept album of the Eraserheads. Although released as a Christmas album, Fruitcake was heavily influenced by the Beatles' 1967 concept album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band[1] and with its narrative style, was also inspired by musicals such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hair.[2] During its release in 1997, the album was sold with an accompanying storybook called Fruitcake Heights.

Although the album features major changes to the band's previous releases, it produced several Eraserheads hits including Fruitcake, Trip to Jerusalem, and Lightyears.

The release of Fruitcake is preceded by the release of a limited cassette EP version which was later released as a CD, also called Fruitcake. The cassette and CD single version contains three songs, including a different version of the song "Fruitcake" and another song called "Christmas Alphabet" which is not found in the official album. The album is the band's longest in terms of duration, lasting 73 minutes.



In an interview with Kris Aquino, vocalist Ely Buendia mentioned that the concept of Fruitcake came about because many people, including members the band does not like fruitcakes, and they named their album to annoy them.

Track listing[]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Fruitcake Ely Buendia 5:00
2 Shadow Buendia 2:37
3 Flat Tire Raimund Marasigan, Jeng Tan 4:10
4 Shadow Boxes Accountants Hector Zabala 1:02
5 Gatekeeper Marasigan 2:43
6 Old Fashioned Christmas Carol Buendia 4:38
7 Styrosnow Buendia 2:15
8 Trip to Jerusalem Buendia 6:15
9 Shadow Reads the News Today, Oh Boy Zabala 0:27
10 Fruit Fairy Zabala, Earnest Mangulabnan, Marasigan 2:49
11 The Fabulous Baker Boy Zabala 5:00
12 Lord of the Rhum Marcus Adoro 4:02
13 Lightyears Buendia 4:18
14 Christmas Ball Marasigan, Tan 3:19
15 Mono Virus Marasigan 4:28
16 Zabala 1:04
17 Rise and Shine Buendia 3:32
18 Santa Ain't Comin' No Mo' Buendia 2:53
19 Christmas Party Buendia 4:04
20 Hitchin' a Ride Marasigan, Tan 3:38
21 Christmas Morning Buendia 4:06
22 Merry Christmas Everybody Happy New Year Too Buendia 0:57



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