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Circus (stylized CiRcuS) is the second studio album of the Eraserheads. It was released in 1994 under BMG Records (Pilipinas), Inc. and produced five singles, "Alapaap", "Sembreak", "Kailan", "Magasin", and "With a Smile". Circus is also the last album of the band to come in vinyl record format.

In 2019, Ely Buendia and Offshore Music released a remastered version of the album for its 25th anniversary.


The track Kailan was originally written for the musical Manhid when the band collaborated with members of the TROPA Experimental Theatre Company at the University of the Philippines Diliman years prior. All members of the Eraserheads, as well as some members of UP Tropa were credited as writers of the song.

The album contains 12 full-length songs with 4 filler tracks, all written by Adoro (one with Marasigan).

Track listing[]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Bato Marcus Adoro 4:05
2 Sembreak Raimund Marasigan 4:02
3 Alapaap Ely Buendia 4:22
4 Hey Jay Buendia 4:38
5 Minsan Buendia 4:14
6 Punk Zappa Adoro 0:10
7 Insomya Adoro, Marasigan 2:01
8 With a Smile Buendia 4:37
9 Alkohol Marasigan 2:53
10 Wishing Wells Marasigan 3:32
11 Kailan Adoro, Annie Angala, Buendia, Karing Evangelista, Marasigan, Auraeus Solito, Hector Zabala 3:18
12 No Royalty Album Filler No. 9 Adoro 1:02
13 Magasin Buendia 4:08
14 Butterscotch Buendia 4:36
15 Sa Wakas Buendia 2:35
16 Prof. Banlaoi's Transcendental Medication After Every Six Months Or Punk Zappa Three Adoro 1:51
Total length: 52:04
CD Bonus Tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Length
17 Wating Buendia 4:13
18 Kailan Lounge Evangelista, Solito, Angala, Buendia, Adoro, Zabala & Marasigan 3:19
Total length: 59:36